Women in film

Northeastern Encounter of Women in Film

The audiovisual industry has developed in a climate of inequality since its beginnings. In Mexico, however, women have played a key role in the development of cinema. In northeastern Mexico, the audiovisual industry is growing and it is time to assess the needs, challenges and opportunities faced by women who make films.

When: Thursday, August 25th

Where: Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima

9:45 hrs. My life in cinema.  A talk with leading actress Diana Bracho

Actress Diana Bracho shares the experiences she has lived throughout her career that have spotlighted her as one of the most respected women in the Mexican cinema.

11:00 hrs. Panel: Perspectives of women who make films in Latin America

In Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile, women are active in audiovisual and film production. From their perspective, what roles do women play and how do they see, from their position, the opportunities given to them by Latin American cinema?

With: Gabriela Domínguez, Dalia Reyes, Maria Elvira Reymond, Margarita Cid, Paz Fábrega.  Moderated by: Paula Astorga.

15:30 hrs. Panel: Challenges of northeastern cinema made by women

Northeastern Mexico is a region that in recent years has awakened to audiovisual production. In this process, which is rapidly growing, women are actively involved. What are the challenges they face in their work?

With: Carla Sierra, Isa Mora Vera, Sara Herrera, Tania Villarreal.  Moderated by: Janeth Aguirre

16:45 hrs. Discussion groups: Needs for training and development for women in cinema of the northeastern region of Mexico

Working in discussion groups, the need for training, development and employment opportunities for women who make movies in northeastern Mexico will be assessed.