We often think of cinema as an art of time. It needs time to flow and take you from a beginning to an end, from premise to catharsis. But I believe film goes beyond time. It expands in many directions, past and present, close and distant, and folds back into itself only to unfold again and travel to a new destination. Film is, like Italo Calvino proposes for literature, multiplicity. And that is why, we are all cinema. When you make a film, when you experience it, when you share a it, you are cinema because all these rays of interconnectedness travel to and from you, to the film, to the filmmaker, to others, and back.  

We have worked hard to share with you a great selection of films in the 12th Monterrey International Film Festival, to celebrate cinematic enchantment and multiplicity with you. Animation, documentary and narrative films from all around the globe come together for a week, to expand from the theater into your own cinematic universe.

Around these magnificent films, we have also built a structure of events that recognize the talent of great filmmakers, reflect on the filmmaking process, and push our industry forward. We are very honored to recognize the talent of Patricio Guzmán and Jorge Perugorría, who will receive the Cabrito de Plata as this edition’s International Tributes; Luis Mandoki as our Mexican Tribute; and Diana Bracho as our Mexican Cinema Icon.

This year we also celebrate the hundredth day of screenings in the festival’s history. One-hundred days of films, events, talks, encounters, meetings, deals, meals, galas, and grand cinematic experiences. Join us on August 24th to celebrate this important milestone in the festival’s history. I would like to thank everyone who has made this festival possible and of course to all of our sponsors, who year after year support us and join us in promoting the work of talented filmmakers. These hundred days belong to all of us.

We are all cinema when we come together to dream. Join us at the theater, and let’s make all the stories, our own story.

Juan Manuel González
Monterrey International Film Festival