In 1999, after having invited UFVA ?s NEXTFRAME festival twice to Monterrey, Voladero Cultural Center decided to organize the first film festival in the city. The Voladero International Film and Video Festival 2000 was born and was directed by José Galindo for three editions and by Juan Manuel González since 2003.

In 2005, the festival became the Monterrey International Film Festival, supported by important institutions and sponsors like the Nuevo León Council for Culture and the Arts, the MMCinemas theater chain, the City of Monterrey Cultural Affairs Office, the Nuevo León Filmmakers Association, the National Council for the Arts, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, TVNL State Television, and Mundo DeaDeveras theme park. The generosity of these and other sponsors transformed the festival into an annual event of cultural importance for México and Monterrey.

Today the Monterrey International Film Festival is among the top five film festivals in Mexico and certainly the most important in the northern part of the country. In august of 2010 the sixth edition of the festival took place, with Mexico as its guest of honor, highlighting a selection of short and feature contemporary and classic films to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Mexican Independence. The local, national and international audience that gathered for the event was also received by Cinépolis in two of its multiplexes for the first time: Galerías Monterrey and Las Américas.

Special Guest

*   2005, Kimuak Cineteca Vasca Special guest
*   2006, Alemania Guest Country
*   2007, China Guest Country
*   2008, Argentina Guest Country
*   2009, Australia Guest Country
*   2010, México Guest of Honor
*   2011, Canadá Guest Country
*   2012, España Guest Country
*   2013, Estados Unidos Guest Country