Edition 2014

imagen2014In the 2014 edition, the Monterrey International Film Festival A.C. celebrated its 10th anniversary; a decade of bringing a selection of the best of local, national and international cinema to the north of the country. It was also a celebration of being since its inception a fundamental actor in the strengthening of the film industry in Mexico.

To celebrate these first ten years we thought about bringing to the city a selection of the cinematography of the three countries that have had a larger presence throughout the history of the Monterrey IFF: United States, during the opening of the Festival; and Spain and Germany on special galas. We also hosted a premiere of a national film.

“Hellion”, written and directed by Kat Candler, was the American film selected for the inauguration gala of the Festival, which took place from the 26th to the 31st of August.

During the national gala, we premiered the film “Entre Sombras”, written and directed by Tony Wakefield. Among the international galas we showcased “Love Steak”, a German film directed by Jakob Lass; and the Spanish movie  “Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados”, by David Trueba.

In this edition, the Student Short Film Showcase was for the first time part of the official competition, giving young filmmakers of the city the opportunity to show their work on the big screen and a shot of getting a coveted Cabrito de Plata.

During this anniversary edition we paid tribute to one of the most representative figures of the film industry in our country: the actor and producer Daniel Giménez Cacho, who received a Cabrito de Plata for his artistic career and a Cabrito de Cristal, as an Icon of Mexican Cinema.

In 2014 we once again worked with Enlaces con Tacto A.C., but now with kids from the Children AntiCancer Alliance. A total of 11 kids found in cinema a way of expression, going through the complete process of making three animated short films.

Along with Heartland Alliance and Vista Digital Rent, Monterrey IFF organized a short film workshop for young people from communities at risk in Nuevo León. The results of this workshop were 9 short films that –even though were not considered part of the official competition– represented the talent that lives in Monterrey and the capacity cinema has of projecting stories that reflect the social, economic and cultural context with the hope of generating change.

Along that same focus of bringing cinema closer to more diverse audiences, Monterrey IFF left behind its usual venues to take film to public squares and community centers. There, we showcased the documentaries “Feel da reggae” of Luis Gerardo Ramos and “A Place of Truth”, of Barret Rudich.

For the seventh time, as part of the Festival activities, we hosted the Film Industry Day, where specialists, professionals and students established a direct dialogue in order to work on the development of film production in México.

The jury of the 10th edition of the Monterrey IFF was made up by Gerardo Tort, María Novaro and Mario Zaragoza, for the International Feature Films; and Erwin Gómez Viñalez, Gabe Van Amburgh and Raphaële Monnoyer, for the Mexican Feature Films.

Also Andrés Clariond Rangel, Carolyn King and Inti Cordera, in the Short Film Competition; and Alejandro Gómez Treviño, Carlos García Campillo and Gizeh Guevara, in the Student Short Film Showcase (MECE).


International Competition

Best International Fiction Feature Film
De Nieuwe Wereld (The New World) by Jaap van Heusden

Jury Mention– International Fiction Feature Film
Chaika by Miguel Ángel Jiménez

Best International Animated Feature Film
Lisa Limone ja Maroc Orange tormakas armulugu (Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange, a rapid love story) by Mait Laas

Best International Documentary Feature Film 
Finding Vivian Maier by John Maloof

Best International Fiction Short Film
Dentro (Inside) by Bruno Autran

Best International Documentary Short Film
Nasza Klatwa (Our Curse) by Tomasz Sliwinski

Best International Animated Short Film
Payada pa’ Satán by Carlos Balseiro and Antonio Balseiro

Jury Mentions
An der tür (At the Door) by Miriam Bliese

Mexican Competition

Best Mexican Fiction Feature Film
Cuatro lunas (Four Moons) by Sergio Tovar Velarde.

Best Mexican Documentary Feature Film  
La danza del hipocampo (Memories Dance) by Gabriela Domínguez Ruvalcaba.

Best Nuevo León Feature Film
La sangre bárbara (Barbarian blood) by Jesús Mario Lozano.

Best Mexican Fiction Short Film
Nunca regreses (Never Come Back) by Leonardo Díaz

Best Mexican Documentary Short Film
Un día como tantos (A Day Like Any Other) by Mauricio Gutiérrez

Best Mexican Animated Short Film
El gran líder (The Great Leader) by Francisco Jiménez

Best Nuevo León Short Film
El beso (The Kiss) by Carlos G. Dávila

Jury Mentions
Gloria by A. J. Gómez

Student Short Film Showcase

Best Short Film from the Student Short Film Showcase           
Sin Dios y sin Santa María by Jorge Alberto Rico Silva (Visual Arts School)

Jury Mentions
Un día como tantos by Mauricio Gutiérrez Reyna (Visual Arts School)
Querer bonito by Iztarú Alfaro Guerrero (Monterrey Tech)