Edition 2008

In many ways 2008 was a very interesting year for the Monterrey IFF. With Argentina as guest country, a total of 26,750 people were present at the Festival’s several venues from August 15 thru 23 to enjoy the 197 films screened, which arrived from 25 different countries.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this edition was its first International Screenwriters Encounter, organized together with the Austin Film Festival. Its 694 enthusiastic attendees had the opportunity of meeting and learning from outstanding screenwriters such as Daniel Petrie, Herschel Weingrod, Paula Markovitch, D.B. Sweeney, Alex Smith, Paz Alicia Garciadiego, Xavier Baig, Thibault Staib, John Dickie , Cai Shangjun and Pavel Jech.

This year the Film Industry Day was also organized for the first time, with the collaboration of Kodak, New Art Digital, Imagyx, Studio Mart and Cinergia Films. The event included panels, conferences and workshops, with the objective of contributing, through the exchange of ideas, to the development of the region’s audiovisual industry. In this first edition, its almost 500 attendees were proof of the great interest there is in the state of Nuevo León in this industry’s growth.

Argentina, as guest country, not only brought a very interesting selection of its feature and short films, but also showcased through the independent production company Cine Ojo the great talent this country has to offer in the documentary films production. Within the celebration of Argentina as guest country, the Festival recognized one of this country’s most outstanding performers, actress Cecilia Roth, who received a Cabrito de Plata as an international Career Achievement Tribute.

The American actor Tommy Lee Jones, and Mexican actor Héctor Bonilla, also received the Cabrito de Plata during the Festival as recognition to their admirable and extensive careers in their respective countries.

The American film “Be Kind Rewind”, directed by Michel Gondry and with Jack Black in the leading role, was screened during the inauguration of this 4th edition of the Monterrey IFF.

The jury was formed by Csaba Bollock , winner of Best International Feature Film Fiction at the 3rd Monterrey IFF with “Iszaka Utazása”; Everardo González, winner of Best International Feature Film Documentary at the 3rd Monterrey IFF with “Los ladrones viejos” (The Elderly Thieves); John Merriman, from the Austin Film Festival; Fernanda Solórzano, Pavel Heck, Giovana Zacarías, Andrés Tagliavnini, Acán Coen, Madeleine Bondy and Jorge Aragón.

Download here the official catalogue 2008 (PDF)


International Competition

Best Feature Film Fiction
La Rabia directed by Albertina Carri (Argentina)

Best Feature Film Documentary
Hoy el día se repite diferente directed by Xavier Baig (Spain)

Best Director
Le voyage du ballon rouge directed by Hou Hsiao Hsien (France)

Best Screenplay
Revenge directed by Götz Spielman (Austria)

Best Leading Role Performance
Nazarena Duarte in La Rabia (Argentina)

Best Cinematography
Mark Lee Ping Bing for Le voyage du ballon rouge (France)

Best Sound
Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr for Wonderful Town (Thailand)

Best Film Editing
Lee Deambre for Vampiro: Angel, Devil, Hero(Canada)

Audience Award
Revenge directed by Götz Spielman (Austria)

Best Short Film Fiction
Tony Zoreil directed by Valentin Potier (France)

Best Short Film Documentary
Triathlon directed by Bartosz Warwas (Poland)

Best Short Film Animated
Weiss directed by Florian Grolig (Germany)

Special Mention of the Jury
Le Pont directed by Vicent Bierrewaerts (France – Belgium)
52 procent directed by Rafal Skalski (Poland)

Mexico from North to South in competition

Best Mexican Short Film
Lección relámpago directed by Alejandro Lubezki

Best Feature Film from Nuevo León
Flores para el soldado directed by Francisco Javier Garza

Special Mention to La Horda directed by Luis Gerardo Ramos Rodríguez

Best Short Film from Nuevo León
Parte dos: Dogmaid directed by Octavio Hinojosa