Edition 2002

The 3rd Voladero 2002 International Film Festival and Video, took place from August 22nd to the 25th of the year 2002 at the Cineteca Nuevo León. Out of 140 short films received from all around the world, 44 were selected for competition. This time Mexico and Yugoslavia were the winners, with honorary mentions for Belgium and Canada.

The jury was conformed by Moisés Kaufman, Venezuelan theatre and film director, Mexican cinematographer, Arturo Flores, and filmmaker and Program Coordinator for Cineteca Nuevo León, Roberto Escamilla who had been part of the Jury in 2000.

Moisés Kaufman’s The Laramie Project (USA, 2002) had its premiere in Mexico during the Festival. The film, which was presented at the Festival by courtesy of HBO Films, narrates the experience of a theater group and their trip to the town of Laramie, Wyoming. In their journey they interview the citizens about a young homosexual man, who died in the hands of two other individuals. The movie stars Christina Ricci and Peter Fonda in some of the main roles.

For the first time, Kodak Mexico was present at the Festival, as sponsors and conference participants. Fernando Kleinert and Luis Chávez, professional cinema representatives, honored us with their presence and a very engaging lecture.

Mariana Chenillo participated with her short film Preludio (Mexico, 2001), as did Amat Escalante, who won first place in the short fiction film category with Amarrados (Mexico, 2002). Both of them have become renowned filmmakers, Amat with films such as Sangre (Mexico-France, 2005) and Los Bastardos (Mexico-France-USA, 2008) and Mariana with Cinco Días Sin Nora (Mexico, 2008). They also collaborate in the feature length film Revolución (Mexico, 2010).


Fiction Short Film

First Place

Amarrados directed by Amat Escalante (Mexico)

Second Place

Fin de etapa directed by Ricardo Benet (Mexico)

Documentary Short Film

First Place

Cnri Gavrani directed by Zelimir Gvardiol (Yugoslavia)

Second Place

No puedes hacer mas alla directed by Hugo Mendoza Cruz (Mexico)

Special Mention to
Mirada perdida directed by Adriana Bravo and Andrea Robles (Mexico)
The chinese dog directed by Lut Vandekeybus (Belgium)
Chopstick Bloody Chopstick directed by Shawn Durr and Wayne Yung (Canada)