Edition 2011

“Pina”, the 3D dance documentary from acclaimed German director Wim Wenders, became the novel cinematographic proposal that embellished the inauguration of the 7th Monterrey International Film Festival. From August 18 thru 28, 2011, the Festival hosted 22,806 attendees and screened a total of 193 films in its various venues.

This year the International Animation Encounter took place for the first time. Keynote speaker was Carlos Carrera who spoke about of his first 3D animated feature film “Ana”. Other guest speakers were Marec Fritzinger, Kunihiko Yuyama, Shaun Patten, Mauricio Khuriel, León Soria, Raúl Cárdenas, Tomás Welss, Rita Basulto, Marv Newland and Erik Rosenlud who discussed animation in their regions and continents, including a panel on handcrafted animation in Mexico.

Meanwhile, our already traditional Film Industry Day celebrated its fourth year of existence with the presence of Mexican filmmaker Adrián Ochoa, who shared his experiences working for Pixar studios.

As the Festival reached its seventh edition, and with Canada as guest country, a showcase of the National Film Board of Canada films took place, and became the setting to present a special award to this public organization that received the Cabrito de Plata for its outstanding contribution to the advancement of cinema throughout the world.

The Cabrito de Plata was also awarded as a Career Achievement Tribute to Mexican filmmaker Carlos Carrera, and the Cabrito de Cristal was presented to actor Damián Alcázar, an Icon of Mexican Cinema.

The 7th Monterrey International Film Festival’s jury was formed by Paula Astorga, Juan Pablo Bastarrachea and Carlos Bolado in the feature films category; Iván Trujillo, Colin Browne and Niv Ficman in Mexican feature films category; and Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea, César Saldívar and Eva Sangiorgi in the short films category.

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International Competition

Best Feature Fiction International
In connus terrains (on familiar ground) by Stéphane Lafleur (Canada)

Best International Feature Documentary
Khusel shunal (Passion) of Byamba Sakhya (Mongolia)

Best International Short Fiction
Eu Nao Quero voltar sozinho (I do not want to go back only) by Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil)

Jury Mention
Seamstress (Seamstresses) Gracie Otto (Australia)

Best International Short Documentary
South Guañape János Richter (Italy)

Best International Short Animation
Loom (Loom) from Jan Brunck, Bitzer and Csaba Letay Ilija (Germany)

Jury Mention
The world of Horizoe Raul Garcia Miranda (Cuba)

Audience Award
Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Jiro dreams of sushi) by David Gelb.

National Competition

Best Mexican Feature Film
The jury decided to award the prize to two films:
The smallest place Tatiana Huezo Sánchez
Eduardo Lucatero Prelude

Nuevo Leon Best Feature
Love the regions of Manolo Rodríguez Leal, Enrique Lopez Oropeza, Hernan Rocha, Pamela Pulido, Górriz Oscar Rodriguez, Alfredo Sanchez Mejorada Herrera, Antonio Cardenas Gahed, Enrique Okusono, Pablo Suess, Daniel Cantu, Cesar Cossio.

Best Mexican Short
Requiem for eternity Resendis Alberto Gomez

Jury Mention
Barrios Beats and Blood of Ioan Grillo and John Dickie

Best Short Of Leon
Tell me who you are Jorge Castillo, Jesus Castorena, Cruz and Magdiel Brandonh Sanmiguel

Audience Award
The smallest place Tatiana Huezo Sánchez